Adding login methods

How to add addition log-in methods and merge accounts

You can use multiple login methods to access the same MacrosFirst account including Apple ID, Facebook, and any number of email addresses.

Add a new login method

  1. Tap Profile

  2. Tap Edit Profile

  3. Tap My Logins

  4. Add your new login method

    1. If adding an email address, you will be sent a verification email to confirm that you have access to the email address.

Logins may be removed by tapping the "Remove" button next to each login. MacrosFirst accounts require at least one login method. If you wish to remove all logins, then consider deleting your account.

Merging Accounts

If you add a login method which is already in use on another MacrosFirst account, then you will be asked if you wish to merge accounts.

Merging accounts will combine all data from both accounts into one account including your nutrition history, custom foods, recipes, and meals; body weight, and Premium status. No data is lost when merging accounts, only combined.

If you do not wish to merge accounts, then you can decline option to do so. When declining an account merge, the new login method that you attempted to add will be abandoned. If you wish to add the new login method to your account without also merging accounts then:

  1. Log out of your MacrosFirst account

  2. Log back into MacrosFirst using the login method that you were trying to add which triggered the request to merge accounts.

  3. Remove the login from this account by either:

    1. Removing the individual login: Go to Profile > Edit Profile > My Logins > remove the login method

    2. Deleting the account: Go to Profile > Delete My Account

  4. Log back into your original account

  5. Add the newly released login method

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