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Sync your data to and from Apple Health to connect MacrosFirst with dozens of apps

Use Apple Health to connect MacrosFirst to dozens of other apps. For example, if you use a smart scale that’s connected with Apple Health and you connect Apple Health to MacrosFirst, then MacrosFirst will automatically import your body weight from the scale. Alternately, if you use a nutrition coaching platform that pulls nutrition data from Apple Health, you can export nutrition data from MacrosFirst to Apple Health to sync it into your coaching app.

Enable the Apple Health Integration

  1. Tap Profile

  2. Tap "Integrations"

  3. Tap "Apple Health"

  4. Enable "Connect to Apple Health"

  5. Grant all requested read and write permissions in the Apple Health App

Nutrition and Water

Food and water logged in MacrosFirst will write to Apple Health in real time.

Body Weight

Body weight logged in MacrosFirst will write to Apple Health in real time.

Body weight logged elsewhere and synced to Apple Health will automatically import to MacrosFirst every 20 seconds for entries dated today and every 5 minutes for entries dated in the last 30 days. MacrosFirst does not import entries older than 30 days back.

When importing entries, MacrosFirst will only import one weight per day. If there are multiple entries for a day in Apple Health, MacrosFirst will import the lowest weight entry, as this is the best way to estimate your moving average.

MacrosFirst considers your weight for a date to be the lowest weight you achieve that day, and it does not collect information about the time of day when you achieved that weight. Therefore, when exporting weight entries, MacrosFirst will record all entries as being at midnight on a given day.


If the Apple Health integration is enabled in the MacrosFirst app but your data is not syncing, then ensure that you have granted MacrosFirst permission to access your Apple Health data:

  1. Open the Apple Health App

  2. Go to the "Sharing" tab

  3. Select "MacrosFirst" in the list of apps

  4. Turn on all Read and Write permissions

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