Share Foods, Meals, and Recipes

Eating with a friend? Make logging fast by sharing your foods, meals, and recipes

You can share saved foods, meals, recipes with your friends, family, or anyone else using MacrosFirst.

Sharing an item

  1. Tap into the food, meal, or recipe detail page

  2. Tap the ... button in the upper right corner

  3. Tap "Share Food/Meal/Recipe"

  4. Copy the share URL

  5. Paste the share URL wherever you're sharing it: email, text message, WhatsApp, IG, Facebook, etc.

Receiving a shared item

When you tap the share URL on your phone where MacrosFirst is installed, the app will open and give you three choices:

  • "Log it to My Day" - Add incoming item to your daily log

  • "Review & Save to My Kitchen" - Review the incoming item, decide if you want to make any edits, and save it as a custom item in your account.

  • "Cancel" - Do nothing and abandon the shared item.

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