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Follow friends and view their daily log, nutrition reporting, and more.

You can follow friends in MacrosFirst and view their daily log, nutrition averages, and more! This is a great way for coaches to keep up with their clients, for families to share foods (you can copy foods and meals from one account into your own), and friends to support and keep one another accountable.

Sending a Friend Request

  1. Tap Profile > Friends

  2. Tap the Add Friend button in the top right corner

  3. Fill in your friends email address, optional personal note, and send the request

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Following more than 5 Friends is a Premium feature.

If you were a Premium member following >5 Friends and then downgrade to the free tier, then all of your Friend relationships will be preserved but you will only have access to view your 5 most recently sent friend requests.

Friend requests are not bi-directional. If you send a friend request and the recipient accepts it, you will be able to view their account but they will not be able to view your account. They can only view your account if they send you a friend request and you accept it.

Viewing a Friend's Account

  1. Tap Profile > Friends

  2. From the Following tab, tap the "View Account" on the Friend whose data you wish to view

This loads your Friend's complete MacrosFirst account where you can view their daily log and all reporting and charting, including nutrition and body weight. Other nutrition tracking apps only allow friends to view the daily log, one day at a time. In MacrosFirst you can view your friend's complete account, including reporting and nutrition averages which is crucial for coaches.

When viewing a Friend's account you can also copy foods or meals from their daily log into your own account. This is a helpful feature for family members eating the same foods to share them with each other for faster logging.

To copy a meal to your account, tap the ... button next to the meal name and tap "Save Meal to my Account".

To copy an individual food to your account, swipe the food right and select "Save to my Account".

To exit viewing a Friend's account, tap the Leave button in the top yellow banner and you will return to your own account.

Accepting a Friend Request

Friend requests are sent via email and can only be accepted on a mobile device where the MacrosFirst app is installed.

If the friend request was sent to an email address already associated with a MacrosFirst account, then in addition to the email, the request will also appear in the app on the Friends > Followers page. Tap "Approve" to accept the friend request.

If the friend request was sent to an email address not associated with a MacrosFirst account, then all the recipient needs to do is click the link in the email which will open the MacrosFirst app where they can accept the friend request.

Removing Friends

You can remove both Followers or friends that you're Following by tapping the x button next to their name.


Q: I invited a friend, they received the email, but in their MacrosFirst account my request is not there.

A: This can happen if the person receiving the friend request accidentally created two different MacrosFirst accounts where the invitation was sent to the email address already in use on account A but they're signed into account B on their phone. There are two solutions:

  1. Recommended: The recipient of the friend request can merge their two MacrosFirst accounts together into one.

  2. Cancel the friend request and resend it to the email address in use on the account that the intended recipient is signed into. The recipient can find their account's email address on Profile > Edit Profile.

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