Nutrition Charting

Understand your nutrition trends over time.

With nutrition trend reporting you can explore your nutrition over time, including averages.

On the Dashboard you can view the current week's nutrition history including:

  • Total calories consumed vs. daily goal

  • The composition of calories by macro per day

  • Average nutrients consumed in the last 7 days

    • Today's date as well as empty days where no foods are logged are excluded from the the calculation of averages.

Premium members can tap into the Macronutrient block and access an interactive charting experience where you can view your nutrient trends, including averages, over any date range.

Tips to navigate the chart:

  • You can change the date range presented in the chart by:

    • Tapping any of the presets below the chart

    • Using two fingers to pinch to zoom in or pull apart to view different lengths of time

    • Tap and drag your finger on the graph to move forward or backward in time

  • As you change the dates presented the average nutrients shown above the graph will change as well.

  • You show or hide any nutrient by tapping on its label above the graph. For example, if you just wanted to drill into Fat consumption, you could disable showing P, C, and Calories.

  • Tapping and holding on the graph will show the nutrients for each day. Drag your finger to show the nutrients for different days.

This same trend reporting is available when viewing a Friend's account.

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