What is MacrosFirst Premium?

Unlock the ultimate macro tracking experience

MacrosFirst includes tons of features in our free tier which other trackers either don't have or charge for; capabilities like setting your daily macro goal in grams, converting calories from alcohol to macros, viewing macro totals by meal, and simply scanning barcodes. 😂

We also offer MacrosFirst Premium, a subscription membership, that unlocks the ultimate tracking experience.

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Premium Features

Nutrition Trend Charting

Tap into the weekly nutrient recap to access powerful interactive charting where you can view your nutrient trends, including averages, over any date range.

Premium members can also view nutrient averages for all tracked nutrients in the Nutrient Report located in Daily Log > ... button > Nutrient Report.

Macro Math Calorie Reporting

By default MacrosFirst uses the calories from the nutrition labels of the foods you log as the data source from which calories are reported upon throughout the app.

Premium members can opt to switch to Macro Math where instead of relying upon food nutrition labels, MacrosFirst will calculate calories from the macros where 1g P = 4 calories, 1g C = 4 calories, and 1g F = 9 calories.

With Macro Math enabled, your reported calories consumed always match your macros.

Google Sheets Importer

Automatically import your daily nutrition data from MacrosFirst to Google Sheets. If you work with a nutrition coach in a shared Google spreadsheet, this integration will automate a significant portion of the check-in process. No more manual data entry!

Download Food Log

Download your complete food log an in Excel file to share or analyze yourself. The export file is formatted to make advanced analysis in a Pivot Table easy.

Unlimited Custom Daily Goals

Different goals for training days or rest days? No problem, create as many different daily goals as you'd like! Each daily goal can also contain any number of custom recurring daily meals.

Follow Unlimited Friends

Premium members can follow an unlimited number of friends to view their daily log and nutrition reports and share foods, meals, and recipes. Members of the free tier can only follow up to 5 friends.

Create one-off Meals

Everyone can create custom recurring daily meals within your Daily Goal. Creating extra non-repeating meals is a Premium feature.

Net Carb Tracking

Choose whether you want carbs displayed as total carbs or net carb in your daily log.

Track Water

Log your hydration on your daily log and sync it Apple Health.

Day & Meal Notes

Save notes about how you're feeling, energy levels, or anything else per meal and per day. Tap the ... menu on the daily log or in each meal to write a note. Notes are included in your Excel file when downloading your food log.

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